Watermelon pizza, fruit spring rolls, cowboy caviar salad: here are the most original summer recipes

On TikTok, users are full of ingenuity to replace the traditional salad. Here are some of the most original refreshing recipes circulating on the social network. In these strong heats, we tend to rush on everything that is cold to cool off at mealtime. And the salad, we get tired of it quickly! Fortunately, TikTok … Read more

Webb telescope suffered ‘uncorrectable damage’ in micrometeoroid hit, NASA report says

(NEXSTAR) – A micrometeoroid caused “significant uncorrectable damage” to NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Telescope, a new report explains. While experts say the impact was small, it has prompted further investigation. At 21 feet, Webb’s gold-plated, flower-shaped mirror is the biggest and most sensitive ever sent into space. It’s comprised of 18 segments, one of … Read more

Television. “A shame”, “a delirium” … viewers indignant at “The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body”

“A shame for a program on health”, “a promotional campaign for practices (…) enriching charlatans”… According to the reactions on Twitter, many viewers were annoyed by the program broadcast this Tuesday evening on France 2 “The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body”. The program presented by Michel Cymes and Adriana Karembeu was titled “Unexplained healings: … Read more

How Penguins Beat the Heat and Went South

Few animals have evolved to survive the unforgiving Antarctic like penguins. Species like the emperor penguin have overlapping layers of insulating plumage, tightly packed veins to recycle body heat and just enough paunch to weather wind chills that approach minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. With all these cold-weather adaptations, it’s difficult to envision penguins living anywhere … Read more