A French woman wins the title of the best pizza in the world

Caroline Maya has been bathed in the love of Italian cuisine since her early childhood. It was in the family garage, in the Lyon suburbs, that his grandmother created “to have fun” the Puits-Vieux pizzeria. But she never imagined that this little business would lead to international success…

Because the passion for pizza has been passed down from generation to generation. His father, Lionel Lombardi, became the first French champion in 2006, then the first French world champion…

And Caroline Maya made sure to take over, which was close to her heart. In an interview for News Lyonshe explains : “I got recognition from my dad. My grandparents aren’t here today, but they would be so proud. I did it for my cousin too, who passed away…”

“Not to mention my customers: they followed me, they were so happy for me. Some cried with joy when I returned from Parma!”

hard work

It’s a real passion for the young woman, who nevertheless obtained a nursing diploma in 2012, but the champion ultimately did not want to leave the pizzeria: “I feel at home here. I worked as an employee before becoming manager in 2017.” But her father, aware of the exhausting work that restoration requires, had nevertheless tried to discourage her: “It’s too difficult a job, we live upside down to others.”

After having participated in four categories of the competition, she won the prestigious title in the category “Pizza a due” which associates the young chef with one of her employees. Caroline Maya had to train for months: “It was the marathon. I had been preparing every day since January. I trained, I did boxing to boost my mind, I gave it my all! It was my dream to go up there -high.” The whole family rallied together to help: “We weren’t sleeping, but we had a good team.”

After all that pressure, the 34-year-old mom decided to call it quits: “Now I quit! I achieved my goals!” She wants to open her own pizzeria “to feel my soul”. But she decided to keep her authenticity:

“Since I got back, I haven’t touched the ground! We’ve been loaded with customers, I had to double the stock! But I’m not going to take advantage of my title to make pizzas for 20 euros.”

To taste the best pizza in the world, the price will therefore be around 11 euros. Is it worth it.

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