A health alert on a preparation for pizza dough

The Casino brand “my easy pizza dough” preparations have been withdrawn from sale. In question, various cases of significant allergy among consumers. All batches currently distributed in New Caledonia are affected.

The veterinary, food and phytosanitary inspection service (Sivap) warns consumers who have purchased “my easy pizza dough” products from the Casino brand that several cases of major allergies have been noted. Reactions which would be due to the abnormally high presence of dust mites in these flours.

If you have this product in your cupboards, you can therefore return it to the store, but you must not consume it under any circumstances. The Sivap has also approached importers, large and medium-sized stores, so that the products are withdrawn from sale.

In the event of any suspicion of a possible allergic reaction (itching, rashes, swelling of the lips or face or even sneezing), consumers are invited to contact the 15 or their doctor.

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