A Miss France married to a billionaire reappears: ultra split dress and dream body at 53

The Gala organized for the benefit of the association of Good Fairies on Tuesday evening was the evening not to be missed. Several Miss France brought together by Sylvie Tellier and Alexia Laroche-Joubert met at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand. Marine Lorphelin, for example, was sublime in black and showing transparency alongside a radiant Camille Cerf or even Mareva Galanter, very elegant in a bare back dress.

But it was another former Miss Tahiti who caught the eye, namely Mareva Georges. The one who was elected Miss France 1991 made the trip from the United States where she lives. And she didn’t do things by halves to stand out. Indeed, the beautiful brunette now 53 years old has put the package level look by drawing a ultra slit blue dress, revealing her always flawless silhouette. (See our slideshow).

Mareva Georges’ last appearance in France dates back to 2020. At the time, she was chosen to join the jury for the Miss France 2021 ceremony, which ended with the coronation of Amandine Petit. Mareva Georges only finds her country very occasionally. The rest of the time, she thrives in Los Angeles, with her husband Paul Marciano, owner and billionaire creator-designer of the Guess brand. Together they had two children, Ryan (born in 2005) and Gia (born in 2012).

During an interview for Gala, for her special issue Miss France celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the competition, Mareva Georges confided in the circumstances of her meeting with Paul Marciano. “After the election, I went to New York to work as a model for the Metropolitain agency. I was 21 years old and I quickly realized that this job was not in accordance with my character: you have to have teeth that scratch the floor and not hesitate to crush others. I am a little shy, a little reserved…“, she explained. That’s how she ended up in Los Angeles where she works in tourism. “That’s where I met my husband, Paul Marciano“, she revealed.

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