a pizza once a month!

We all know professional footballers are top athletes who should pay attention to their lifestyle in order to be always more efficient on the ground.

Moreover, it is not surprising to see that the very best are those who attach particular importance to food, recovery or even their sleep. Indeed, we have all heard stories about the diets and lifestyle of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema or Erling Haaland.

This Saturday, interviewed by ‘France Football’, it’s the turn of Mohammad Salah to come back to his daily life as a professional footballer and in particular the drastic diet that the Pharaoh inflicted on himself.

Two rooms in our house are dedicated to different machines for shaping, bodybuilding. At home, I can also do cryotherapy, there is a hyperbaric chamber. I am constantly looking for new machines to improve my physical condition. I experiment with the machines, I look for what each one can bring me. I use them at least three or four times a week. I listen to my bodysaid the Egyptian first.

The Reds striker went on to discuss his eating habits, saying he agrees a few pleasures from time to time all the same as for example eat pizza once a month.

I love to eat and I am very strict about my diet.not. I prefer the broccoli, sweet potatoes, fish, chicken and always salad. And when I indulge myself in a great restaurant in London, I prefer sushi. I eat pizza once a month maximum. I love burgers but I hardly ever eat them because I feel heavy afterwards. When I’m in Egypt, I allow myself a koshari. Some will see this diet as an unbearable sacrifice, this is not my case”

We now know what we have to do in order to be as successful as the Pharaoh on the lawns of the Premier League for the one who does not hide from wanting to win the Ballon d’Or this season.

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