A restaurateur from the Var distinguished at the world pizza championships in Italy and the United States

For this transalpine pizzaiolo, it’s a bit of a consecration. These hard weeks of work, during which Gennaro Farina went successively to the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, to France in Paris and then to the 29th world championship in Parma, have finally been rewarded.

“It was stressful, intense, but rewarding. I did it above all to represent Fréjus, my city, but also my country, France”underlines with humility this Var chef.

During the international competition in Parma on April 7, the owner of the restaurant “I Pepiti”, in Fréjus, comes 12th and is crowned 2nd best pizza maker in France. It is the title of which he is the most “proud”the one he won by concocting a gourmet pizza in front of 775 participants. “I come from Parma, so being rewarded at these events was like winning a derby at home. I presented my Michelangelo creation there with a sambuca (aniseed alcohol) base and pieces of rib eye all served on a paint palette”.

Triumph in Las Vegas

Just before, the Fréjusien, transformed for the occasion into a real competition beast, had flown to Nevada, dreaming of being crowned at the International Pizza Exhibition in Las Vegas. The tourist office and Metro, his sponsors in the Roman city, helped him finance his trip. “All the greatest Italian-American pizzaioli masters were present. I spent my week with the triple world champion, Fabio Ferrari, an Italian from Los Angeles who gave me advice”says Gennaro, stars in his eyes.

For the classic and American pizzas, the maestro from Var had to adapt to the culinary habits of the United States. “I had transported all my products on the plane, but the day before the competition, I was told that my filling was not suitable. I had to buy pepperoni again and make my dough at the hotel, at the last minute! But the jury congratulated me for my excellent ability to adapt.”he explains with a smile.

His patience and dexterity earned him 4th place in the international event (without the Americans). His performance was also noticed by the flour brand Molino Denti, which promised him a partnership in the next competitions in 2023.

As you will have understood, the “I Pepiti” saga does not stop there.

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