Actress Charlotte Valandrey, who was awaiting a transplant, underwent her second heart transplant at a major Paris hospital (Closer)

Closer magazine announces that actress Charlotte Valandrey underwent surgery in the middle of the week for eight hours “in a large Parisian hospital”. The actress had been in intensive care for several weeks, waiting for an organ, and had shared her joy last Tuesday with her fans by announcing on her Instagram account that she was finally going to be able to be operated on: “My graft has just arrived , it was time. That’s wonderful. Thank you for all your prayers. They heard you. I will never forget him… “

“Out of the block”, she would currently be, heart transplant obliges, in complete rest. The operation was all the more delicate as she has been on medication because of her HIV infection since she was young and this is her second transplant. “My heart has come to the end of its course and I am therefore waiting for the one who will be my third heart”, she wrote on Instagram this Wednesday, June 8.

I need all your positive vibes. Of love, of benevolence, of your prayers Because the Warrior is less Warrior”, she added, while specifying that her transplant could “happen at any time”.

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