And that’s the tragedy! Arnaud overcooked his mussels in the final

Oh no Arnaud! Oh no not that, not today, not now, not after all you’ve done! The first Belgian candidate to reach the final of Top Chef on M6 made the unforgivable error. “I messed up the cooking of the mussels,” he notes, bitterly (like a mussel that’s not fresh).

For the gala meal which must decide between the two finalists, Arnaud has chosen to revisit the famous mussels and fries, a Belgian specialty par excellence, for its starter. But before thinking about customizing your three-star dish, you had to start by cooking the mussels. This is where the drama occurs.

“Belgium, anyway…”

The worst part is that Arnaud delegated the cooking of the mussels to Lilian, whom he had chosen as his second. And if the ex-supermarket hunk, now boss of two restaurants, seemed sure of himself by cooking the mussels, dry and over high heat, chef Glenn Viel took it upon himself to bring everyone back. on earth.

“Your mussels are overcooked, Arnaud. Honestly, you screwed up there. Belgium, anyway…” Lilian’s mistake was to leave the warm mussels in a pile. So they continued to cook. Fortunately, Arnaud offered us a new way to cook mussels to perfection to save his recipe: drop the mussels into boiling water for ten seconds, then take them out and let them finish cooking with the residual heat from the boiling shells.

Phew, all’s well that ends well for Arnaud who was able to finish his dish. Meanwhile, Louise designed a starter with… raw fish. Smart.

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