Apple increases the price to change the battery of MacBooks

There are price increases everywhere, including at Apple when it comes to changing the battery of its MacBook. The manufacturer has discreetly revised its prices upwards.

Thus, any battery replacement in a 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro is now charged 229 euros by Apple, against 209 euros previously. The price increases to 149 euros for the MacBook Air, 10 euros more than before.

MacBooks aren’t the only products experiencing price increases for performance. Indeed, Apple also took the opportunity to review its prices for battery replacement in devices. Thus, the cost is 39 euros for the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad, against 34 euros previously. Nothing moves on the side of the iPad where the price is 109 euros and the iPhone where the price varies from 55 to 75 euros depending on the model.

Why these increases? It is possible that Apple has decided to make a price adjustment to compensate for the fall in the euro against the dollar. And as MacG notes, the price change affects several European countries and not the United States, which reinforces this idea a little more.

Recently, Apple has raised the price of its newly announced MacBooks compared to the previous generation. In fact, even the MacBook Air M1 (which has been around since the end of 2020) saw its price drop from 1,129 euros to 1,199 euros just after WWDC 2022.

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