Apple makes improvements to App Store Search Ads Advanced service – Reuters

Apple today announced new enhancements to its App Store Search Ads Advanced service, allowing marketers to book search tab campaigns with cost-per-click (CPT) pricing and manage campaign spend with daily budgets.

Announced on Wednesday, Apple informed users of the in-depth Search Ads Advanced service that a new daily budgeting is now available on the Apple Search Ads Advanced platform. Marketers can set the average amount they want to spend each day and spend will be automatically optimized for days with opportunities to get more downloads.

Starting next month, advanced Search Ads users will be able to book CPT campaigns on the App Store before cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) campaigns are discontinued. Apple is advising marketers to minimize disruption by reserving CPT campaigns before July, noting that next month, previously created CPM campaigns will be paused and users will no longer be able to create CPM campaigns for the Search tab.

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