Apple paid less than 4 million euros in tax in France in 2021

3.7 million euros. This is the very low amount of taxes paid by Apple in 2021 by the French subsidiary of Apple in France. According to our information, according to the results of Apple Retail France, closed on September 30, 2021, Apple paid slightly more tax last year than in 2020, the year for which the apple firm had not settled only 2.8 million euros. A derisory sum for the former world’s largest capitalization, with 2,200 billion euros of capitalization currently.

This tax depends on the result of the subsidiary of Apple in France. Last year, the Cupertino company made a very modest profit: 9.8 million euros. He too is up slightly. In 2020, Apple only made 9 million euros in profit.

Quite surprisingly, Apple’s turnover fell last year in France, from 708 million in 2020 to 565 million in 2021. A bad patch for the manufacturer of the iPhone and Macbooks air? No way. In reality, this accounting change hides a clever mechanism put in place during the Covid-19 crisis. ‚ÄúSome of the employees in the stores, which have long remained closed, changed jobs during this period, explains Albin Voulfow, representative of the company’s CFDT union. These employees answered calls in France and made sales by telephone.” And bingo, Apple’s Internet sales, like sales made by telephone, are not counted in France. But in Ireland where Apple has its European headquarters in Cork. And where incidentally taxation is softer.

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