Apple would prepare an entry-level iPad equipped with a USB-C port

The tenth generation of the iPad, Apple’s classic entry-level model, could use the Apple Bionic A14 chip, be compatible with 5G and have a USB-C port for the very first time. This was revealed by the specialized information site 9to5Mac June 14.

USB-C, new screen and 5G

The most important novelty reported by the sources of 9to5Mac is the presence of a USB-C port on the next generation of the entry-level model of the tablet. This will allow users to charge their devices faster. It will also offer the possibility of connecting more easily to modern devices, almost all of which are now equipped with a USB-C type connection.

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Apple previously ditched its Lightning ports for the iPad Pro in 2018, iPad Air in 2020, and iPad mini in 2021. The revelations come days after European lawmakers moved to make USB-C chargers mandatory on all electronic devices in Europe from autumn 2024.

Sources of 9to5Mac claim that the screen of the tenth generation of the tablet would be of a better definition. The size of the Retina screen could be between 10.5 and 10.9 inches, or about 26 to 28 centimeters.

The iPad 10 should also be able to be compatible with the 5G network.

What will the iPad 10 hide under its hood?

Regarding the chip, the iPad will not be equipped with the famous M1 chip, but with an A14 Bionic, also designed by Apple and identical to that found in the iPhone 12 or the iPad Air 4. Thanks to it, iPad performance is expected to be 30% more efficient than the A13 Bionic, the older chip generation.

The iPad 10 being the least expensive model in the range, the Californian company is keeping its more powerful chips for the other versions of the iPad. Thus, the next iPad Pro could well be equipped with the M2 chip unveiled at the last WWDC.

Moreover, it was during this conference that Apple presented the collaborative turn that its range of tablets would take. With the new version of its operating system, iPadOS 16, the Apple brand intends to make the iPad a hybrid device, halfway between the iPhone and the Mac. And to do this, nothing better than an upgrade of its components. The iPad 10 could be presented in September, during the back-to-school keynote, at the same time as the next iPhone models.

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