Arthur Jugnot married: rare shot with his son Célestin, he has grown up!

Arthur Jugnot, Gérard’s son, is currently swimming in full happiness! On Saturday June 25, 2022, he married Flavie Péan, the famous actress of the series More beautiful life, at the end of a ceremony which took place out of sight and cameras, in the south of France. Discretion in the image of their couple, since the two lovebirds have a habit of not spreading out over their private lives. They prefer to appear together from a professional point of view by giving the reply to the theater as in Father or Son or in Left when exiting the elevator. Not forgetting the play they co-wrote together, titled Saint-Exupéry – The Mystery of the Aviator.

But the actor has never hidden his former life, and in particular his relationship with singer and actress Cécilia Cara, the mother of his son Célestin, born March 28, 2013. The latter, currently 9 years old, would not have missed her dad’s wedding last Saturday for nothing in the world. Flavie Péan’s sister shared in an Instagram story a snapshot of the couple on which we see the little boy, his face hidden by an emoji, in his father’s arms and matching him in a magnificent navy blue suit completed by a pair of red and white Nike sneakers. A photo reposted a few hours ago by the bride.

A child already “completely clownish”

Fortunately for Célestin, his two parents remained on excellent terms, especially in his interest. “We have always managed to act in the best interest of our child.“, explained his mother toParis here. It was she, moreover, who had announced their breakup with a little delay, in 2020, when they had been separated, in reality, for already 5 years. “Not many people know this, but I’ve been separated from Arthur. It’s been a while nowshe had explained.

Anyway, Célestin is therefore well surrounded, he who is “already completely clownish” as revealed by his father, at the microphone of Europe 1 last January, who would see him follow in his footsteps by becoming an actor. “I hope that through my work, he will grow up as happy as possible ” he also explained, adding that he was ready to involve him “in a lot of stuff, in movies“, without putting any pressure on him.

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