At the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian would have done better not to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress

PEOPLE – It was the first and probably the last time that this dress leaves the museum. This Monday, June 13, the people in charge of a private collection of objects and clothes that belonged to Marilyn Monroe published a series of photos on Instagram to denounce the state in which Kim Kardashian would have left the emblematic dress of the late star qu she wore at the last Met Gala.

“Just in case you missed it… Some crystals are missing. Others are hanging by a thread,” they captioned a photo montage showing what the dress looked like before and after being worn by the reality TV star.

This shimmering gold dress, which Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang a happy birthday to United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is now considered the most expensive dress sold at auction (4.8 million dollars in 2016 at Julien’s Auctions).

She is very beautiful and very glamorous, but was not in the theme of the Met Gala, which this year focused on a very specific period in history: the Gilded Age. These are the years 1870-1890, the American golden age. Marylin Monroe lived from 1926 to 1962.

“The dress never stood alone”

Today it is part of the collections of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. This is the first time it has been worn by someone other than its original owner. In fact, its current owners have done everything to ensure that it is not damaged.

“The dress never stayed alone with Kim, they previously explained to Slate. There was always a representative from Ripley’s. We always made sure that anytime we felt the dress was in danger of tearing or we felt uncomfortable about anything, we had the option to say we didn’t want to continue. .” Shortly after the Met Gala, many historians criticized the museum’s decision to release this rare piece from its collections for an evening.

To make it to the Met Gala red carpet, the dress was kept in a safe, where the temperature and humidity were carefully controlled. “I had to wear gloves to try it on,” Kim Kardashian told the magazine. voguelast May.

Marilyn Monroe and she do not have quite the same morphology, nor the same size. Since the dress cannot be altered, Kim Kardashian explains that she followed a strict (and quite problematic) diet several months in advance to lose weight. The first fitting was inconclusive. The second, yes. “I wanted to cry with joy,” she concluded.

It is a fan of the dress, much less happy than Kim Kardashian, who challenged the managers of The Marylin Monroe Collection. “Now she’s finished,” he says on his Instagram account, captioning a series of photos of him posing alongside the precious piece. I saw it with my own eyes, it’s fucked. Kim, you stole a piece of our culture.”

As of this writing, neither Kim Kardashian nor the museum that houses the dress has yet publicly responded to the criticisms.

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