Prediction of the race TRIAL PRICE

The prognosis Considering its driving class, it would not be too surprising to see 14 – JOYNER SPORT (photo) start victoriously under the saddle. 15 – JASPERS TURGOTregular and 13 – JUBILEE PRIORin view of his pleasant Group II victory on April 16, are then very recommendable. 12 – JOYFUL is a good filly. … Read more

Quinté+ of Sunday June 26, 2022 at Vincennes: the predictions

Find the predictions of Dominique Cordier for the quinté of Sunday June 26, 2022 in Vincennes, the Bernard Deloison Prize. Departure at 3:15 p.m.. 14 runners (Haufor’s 3 Goeland is a non-runner). Harnessed trot. 2,850 meters. Big Track. Walkers from 6 to 10 years old. This quinté was a fine event, which does not tarnish … Read more

Mysterious Star Survives a Thermonuclear Supernova Explosion

The Hubble Space Telescope captured this dramatic spiral galaxy, cataloged as NGC 1309. Credit: NASA, ESA, The Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI/AURA) and A. Riess (STScI) A Tenacious Star Validates a Revised Model of Supernovae A supernova is the cataclysmic explosion of a star. Thermonuclear supernovae, in particular, signal the complete destruction of a[{” attribute=””>white dwarf … Read more

Prime audiences: France 3’s TV movie is the big leader but “La fine Équipe” on France 2 is on a par with TF1 – “Bull” on M6 very weak, under one million, beaten by France 5

Last night, TF1 offered to revisit “30 years of cult shows” with a final section devoted to shows broadcast between 2010 and 2020: Danse Avec Les Stars, Quotidien, On N’est Pas Couché, Palmashow, The Voice, Touche Pas at my Post, Les 12 Coups de Midi… “The fine team” was broadcast on France 2. In original … Read more