iPhone 13, iPhone 12… Apple smartphones see their prices drop sharply

Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods… Apple designs many high-tech devices and accessories, designed to work together. Regularly, the American brand unveils new equipment, equipped with ever more advanced technologies. Released last September, the iPhone 13 is Apple’s newest smartphone. Marketed at the base price of 909 euros, the classic model is however not suitable … Read more

Marion Cotillard “embarrassed”: this embarrassing situation experienced with George Clooney

Marion Cotillard still continues to shine in the cinema. A few days ago, the 46-year-old actress climbed the steps of the Cannes Film Festival one by one to present Sibling, by Arnaud Desplechin, alongside Melvil Poupaud and Golshifteh Farahani. The projects are still linked, between play in Madrid and filming of Lee, an American film … Read more

Pasta prices – Pasta victim of the climate – News

Will the price of spaghetti increase in the coming weeks? To hear the pasta manufacturers, it’s likely: the durum wheat harvests suffered from climatic accidents, causing prices to jump. Spring 2020, first confinement: consumers rushed on survival purchases, robbing the pasta and flour departments. Despite occasional stock shortages, the supply chain had held up, and … Read more

a pizza over 50 meters in Voiron!

CASE #1: You (or someone else) use more than $this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices and/or browsers at the same time →Log out of devices and/or browsers you don’t use CASE N°2: You are browsing in private mode →Always log out before closing the browser window CASE N°3: You refuse connection cookies in your browser settings (or an update … Read more

complete and quick recipes for dinner

Want a quick and hassle-free meal? The one pot pasta is the solution to concoct a complete and tasty dish. No more dishes that accumulate and lengthy preparations, you will love cooking these recipes. The one pot, quesaco? As its name suggests, the one pot consists of cook a complete dish in a single container. … Read more