Counterpoint: Apple is a hit in the first quarter and captures 62% of the premium market

Unsurprisingly, iPhone sales are doing well, even very well. The firm Counterpoint Research tells us in a new report that Apple would have achieved its best first quarter in the high-end segment since 2017. In general, the premium sector fell by 8% in one year, while the overall market for smartphone slipped by 10%. The … Read more

Pizza Hut and KFC will be neighbors

Last February, the Hebdo Journal learned that the Pizza Hut restaurant, in Trois-Rivières-Ouest, would become a neighbor of the KFC Restaurant. Not only will the project be completed soon, but we now know the exact location. The two restaurants will take place on boulevard Thibeau (836 and 840), in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, in front of Akkus International … Read more

The Largest Star in The Milky Way Is Slowly Dying, And Astronomers Are Watching

Three-dimensional models of astronomical objects can be ridiculously complex. They can range from black holes that light doesn’t even escape to the literal size of the Universe and everything in between. But not every object has received the attention needed to develop a complete model of it, but we can officially add another highly complex … Read more

Wedding of Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan: The bride’s magnificent backless dress!

It was a wedding that visibly delighted the guests present. This Saturday, June 25, 2022, Arthur Jugnot married, in the greatest discretion, his companion Flavie Péan, actress revealed in particular in More beautiful life. And one of the guests shared some unforgettable moments from this atypical wedding. A union punctuated by the sound of the … Read more

First Evidence of Replay During Sleep in the Human Motor Cortex, Which Governs Voluntary Movement

Summary: Data collected from a tetraplegic man learning a BCI to play Simon showed the brain replays the learned information during sleep. Source: Mass-General Why do we sleep? Scientists have debated this question for millennia, but a new study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), conducted in collaboration with colleagues at Brown University, the … Read more