Bac 2022: the little “pearls” of philosophy copies

While waiting for the baccalaureate results, scheduled for Tuesday, July 5 from 8 a.m., it’s time to relax with some carelessness that our correctors have collected from the copies that they had to proofread.

For technology series

Reminder of the 2022 philosophy subjects for the techno series – the standard answer key available here.

Topic 1 – Does freedom consist in obeying no one?

“For example, if I say I refuse to take this philosophy subject from the supervisor who gives it to me, it’s because I’m free not to do this philosophy baccalaureate because I don’t want to. But I am reasonable, so I do it, but I lose my freedom”.

“As the anarchists used to say: ‘neither god nor meter’”.

Topic 2 – Is it right to defend your rights by all means?

“Yellow vests lost an eye to defend their rights, but they could not ‘eye for an eye’ because the CRS had helmets”.

“Hunger justifies the means”.

Text by Diderot:

“For example, in reality TV shows all the testimonials say the same thing”.

“If I see a pink elephant and my neighbor sees a gray elephant, there is a problem with him or me”.

For the general series

Reminder of philosophy 2022 subjects for the general series – the standard answer key available here.

Topic 1 – Do artistic practices transform the world?

“For example, Bétowen engaged in good artistic practices”.

“Makeup is art because in the show ‘incredible transformation’ the makeup artist transforms the look of ugly people”.

“The artists, they stir the earth”

“Some rock stars, when they sing or shout, they seem to come.”

Topic 2 – Is it up to the state to decide what is fair?

“If President Macron decides something, it is necessarily fair, since he is the president”.

“If I think it’s right to break up with my girlfriend because she’s annoying and I don’t want to put up with her anymore, that’s up to me, not the judge.”

Cournot’s text:

“Spychology helps to put order in the head”.

“We know very well that the universe was created by the big band”.

On the physical sciences: “In the text, the phrase ‘The results are dependent on the constitution of the observer’ means that the observer does not see the same thing according to whether he is thin or fat, small or tall, for example. »

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