Barça: Pique annoys … – Football MAXIFOOT

The drop too much for Gerard Pique (35 years old, 27 games and 1 goal in La Liga this season)? Under the spotlight for non-sporting reasons in recent days due to his separation from Shakira, the central defender is seriously starting to annoy FC Barcelona, ​​​​says the Sport newspaper.

This episode is indeed added to multiple precedents: declining performance and increasingly frequent injuries, his imposing salary which he refuses to lower (19 million euros per year), or even the affair of his audio messages with the president of the Federation Luis Rubiales.

Due to these various elements, the Blaugrana leaders, worried about the impact that his private problems could have on his performance, would come to hope for the Spaniard to leave this summer. With two more years of contract, there is little chance that the Catalan will give them this pleasure…

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