Buitoni pizza scandal: banned products still on the shelves despite national recall

The pizza brand Buitoni, at the heart of a health scandal, is said to continue to sell some of its products despite the major recall three months ago.

One scandal can hide another. While the mark of pizza frozen Buitoni faces a major health scandal following the discovery of E.coli bacteria in its products, the reminder massive pizzas would be variable geometry.

As RMC reveals, this Tuesday, June 14, pizzas from the range Fresh’Up would still be freely accessible in some supermarkets even as dozens of children have fallen seriously sick.

With supporting evidence, a radio columnist wanted to check directly on the shelves and to his great surprise he was able to see “that there was on the shelves of a Franprix store, from the Casino group, a box of Buitoni pizza from the Fraich’Up range. At the checkout, no problem paying: 7.45 euros per pizza”, can we read.


The manager of the incriminated Parisian store, contacted by the radio, defends himself: “Normally, it’s forbidden for sale. I don’t have enough space downstairs, that’s why I left there. But I deactivated the barcode and I will remove the rest of the rays right away”, he explains to RMC. Not very convincing when you know that the massive recall took place there… three monthsMarch 18.

The lawyer for the families who are victims of the E.Coli bacterium, richard Great, is protested by such a discovery. “It’s unacceptable, it’s incomprehensible. We are still in a tourist area. It’s entirely possible that someone came by, bought some, and got sick. It is not known how many pizzas were sold. It will be necessary to make checks nationally,” he said.

Franprix deploys a “task force”

Franprix, however, indicates that all the pizzas on the shelves are “salable“. “If you have the slightest doubt, keep the ticket and we will contact the manager,” another Parisian store told RMC. The supermarket chain announced that it was going to carry out a new check of its stores.

“Following the alert from the RMC journalist yesterday, we immediately deployed a visual verification ‘task force’ device in 100% of stores to ensure that our product recall procedure has been applied, doubled by a written reminder of the regulatory obligations.” indicates the sign in a press release.

“In cases where stores are identified, the goods must be destroyed immediately and sanctions will be taken against the managers”, specifies Franprix again and ensures that all stores will be re-checked within 48 hours.

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