Locmine. Délices Pizza baked its first pizza for its opening

A new business opened its doors on Saturday at 16, rue Olivier-de-Clisson in Locminé (Morbihan). Délices Pizza offers a wide variety of pizzas on site and to take away as well as tex-mex (nuggets, fries, tenders, among others), fresh pizza dough on order for the next day, sandwiches, salads, samosas and spring rolls. The trade … Read more

Summer pizzas in Franche Comté

Yannick Delos has become the king of pizza in Besançon by celebrating the tenth anniversary this year of his craft business. Based in rue de Dôle in the Comtoise capital, he cooks 100% organic 54 recipes all year round. Its organic dough is made from sourdough and spring water to enhance all the tastes of … Read more

Le Nouvelliste | The “Pizza week” is launched, the sauces are already salivating

This official launch party was an opportunity, according to Woodley Jean Michel, representative of “Style communications”, to allow restaurateurs and various partners to meet before the start of the event and to be the first to taste different pizzas and different flavors of Benedicta. After the successes of the weeks “Burger week” and “Pate kòde … Read more

After Top Chef, Wilfried Romain unveils an “Argentine pizza” that is very desirable

Desire to escape ? Paris-Boca and chef Wilfried Romain promise you a culinary journey to the heart of Argentina, on the occasion of an unprecedented collaboration around a signature pizza: “Willy-Boca”! Composed of grilled peppers and chorizo, decorated with a tarragon pesto, a garlic cream and spicy pickles, this generous pizza promises to be delicious… … Read more