SpaceX will break its own record for the most rocket launches in a year with next Starlink launch

The rocket company SpaceX is due to break its own record for the most rocket launches in a calendar year this week. Elon Musk’s company conducted 31 successful launches in 2021, and has already matched that record this year with its most recent launch last Sunday. A Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to deliver another … Read more

Physicists Devised a Way to See Elusive ‘Unruh Effect’ in the Lab

Drawing: Karl Gustafson A team of physicists say they’ve discovered two properties of accelerating matter that they believe could make a never-before-seen type of radiation visible. The newly described properties mean that observing the radiation—called the Unruh effect—could happen in a tabletop lab experiment. The Unruh effect in nature would theoretically require a ridiculous amount … Read more

Asteroid hit permanently damaged Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope: Report

Even as the first images captured by Nasa’s space telescope James Webb – the world’s largest and most powerful of its kind – have amazed the world, scientists say the device suffered permanent damage due to a series of asteroid attacks in May. According to a new published paper, a group of scientists said that … Read more

Red smudge in James Webb image could unlock chemistry of the early universe

A tiny red smudge caught in the distant background of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first ‘deep field’ image could transform our understanding of the early universe, astronomers say. The inconspicuous blob is an ancient, unnamed galaxy that is 13.1 billion years old — only several hundred million years younger than the birth of the … Read more

Webb telescope shows off Jupiter in new image

Jupiter, center, and its moon Europa, left, are seen through the Webb telescope’s NIRCam instrument. (NASA, ESA, CSA, B. Holler, J. Stansberry, STScI) Estimated read time: 3-4 minutes ATLANTA — The James Webb Space Telescope’s first stunning images of the distant universe have been followed up by something a little closer to home. Data collected … Read more