Charlene of Monaco passionately kisses Albert: rare signs of affection abroad

Charlene of Monaco was again out and abroad, in Oslo, this Wednesday, June 22. Alongside Albert of Monaco, the princess shone in an elegant all-black look. In a blazer and flared pants set, perched on pumps, the South African had once again trusted her favorite brand, Akris. It is a great first for the mother of Gabriella and Jacques to ensure an official release abroad for a while. If the 44-year-old princess made a comeback noticed on the Rock after having been removed from it because of her health problems, she had not yet ensured travel elsewhere than in Monaco.

And this exit was indeed noticed in particular by a rapprochement between Albert and Charlene which surprised. Indeed, the Monegasque couple was caught trying to kiss with passion. Of rare signs of affection which will probably reassure Crown fans. Because with the prolonged absence of the Monegasque princess, the rumors of a possible divorce have gone well. And to believe the attitude of lovers, the end is still far away. The couple appeared elegant and complicit, ignoring their detractors.

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