Controversy after the distribution of a poster of the Red Cross with a veiled woman

In order to prevent risks linked to the heat wave, the Red Cross has posted images on social networks. A veiled woman dressed in a long dress is represented, bottle of water in her hand.

As a wave of suffocating heat descends on France, the French Red Cross recalls the few precautions to be taken. “Together, let’s adopt the right reflexes to protect ourselves and our loved ones during the heat wave!“, writes the association on Twitter. The awareness could have been trivial, but one of the illustrations was not unanimous. A veiled woman dressed in a long dress is represented, bottle of water in her hand. Certainly a person ofmuslim culture“, according to Internet users. Some accuse the association of promoting the wearing of the veil.

Shame on the authors of this visual which casually promotes the worst of communitarianisms: the enslavement of women to the patriarchal order! Red Cross, you who help Humanity, do not encourage those who want to submit it!“, reacted Gilles Platret, vice-president of the Republicans and mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône.

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This drawing was also not to the taste of Senator LR Valérie Boyer: “Beyond the “good reflexes” that we must remember, is the Red Cross obliged to participate in this form of “promotion” of the veil?MEP Gilbert Collard adds: “In its pedagogy on the heat wave, the Red Cross stages the Islamic veil: it casts a shadow on the freedom of women!”

The essayist and secular activist, Naëm Bestandji, points to the sexism of the veil conveyed according to him by the association. “The Red Cross exploits the subject of the heat wave to participate in the promotion of Islamism, through the trivialization of the sexism of women’s veiling. This is typically the kind of poster that the Muslim Brotherhood could have produced“, he denounces on Twitter.

Lawyer Thibault de Montbrial also states: “The Red Cross’ com plan is validated by the Muslim Brotherhood A distressing mixture of naivety and lack of culture on propaganda methods that have been theorized for nearly a century…” Finally, the doctor of law, François Couilbault, is pessimistic : The red cross sank abandoning secularism and promoting the veil“.

At Figaro, the Red Cross expressed its incomprehension in the face of this avalanche of criticism. She laments “the violence of the comments and calls for hatred that he may have triggered“. The association founded in 1864, whose founding principles are neutrality and impartiality, ensures that it does not “doof proselytism, nor of politics“.

This controversial illustration is “intended for all countries and representing the diversity of populations and the unconditional support of all and in particular the most vulnerable“, specifies the association.

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