Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s from Pizza Hut: finally a pizza whose crust you will eat with pleasure

By Magali Bertin

– Published on May 16, 2022 at 07:00
– Updated on May 13, 2022 at 4:42 p.m.

We’re not going to lie to each other: with a few exceptions, few people love to eat the crust of their pizza. However, it is also part of the experience of this extremely popular and user-friendly record. Except that pizza hut Never give up. After launching the Cheezy Crust, a cheese-filled crust that made you want to start your slice with what was usually the end, the brand adds a layer with a partnership with the brand of chips Lays. Yes, you read that right. Pizza Hut and Lays in the same pizza. We are clearly in a food porn delirium and not at all in the field of healthy food.

At first glance, when we received the press release announcing a pizza with Lays on it, we thought it was April Fools. Why not a pizza with Maltesers or even a club sandwich on it. But our professional conscience pushed us to test this pizza. We were especially reassured by the fact that the chips are not whole on the pizza, but rather in pieces and only on the crust, in order to give it crispness. So, verdict?

Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s from Pizza hut: crust than crust!

Pizza hut had two pizzas delivered to us, a queen size and a pepperoni with this famous crust Lays x Cheesy Crust so that we can get an idea about this unexpected dish. First surprise: the chips are not salty and their taste is rather light. We clearly feared the forceful and much too heavy side of the thing, but in the end Pizza Hut is doing quite well. Our stomach was clearly not turned over with excess salt and flavors. Phew!

Another good surprise: the shards of Lay’s Crisps really bring a plus to the lamb’s lettuce. It’s crispy, it’s playful and the cheese-filled interior brings a melting note. The contrast is rather pleasant in the mouth. For the rest, it’s a classic Pizza Hut pizza, nothing changes. Small flat all the same (or not in fact): we were very, very quickly sated. Two slices of pizza were enough to feed me on the lunch break. And I struggled to finish. However, I generally have a good fork.

Within the editorial staff, the opinions were mixed: on the one hand there was the majority who found that the crispy side was nice and brought a real plus, without completely revolutionizing the principle of the pizza either, and the minorities who thought it was of only limited interest. Good news: no one hated it or thought it sucked.

To find out which team you are in, all you have to do is test.

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