Cyndie (Married at first sight 2022) on the lack of toilets at Jauffrey’s: “I didn’t want to be mean but…”

We have seen everything in Married at first sight 2022. Clashes of course (and some continue on the networks like with Emilie and Frédérick), naughty sisters but also more improbable moments like a lost cat (but quickly found). And for episode 11, it was still the big nonsense. Jauffrey welcomed home his wife Cyndie… without toilets.

No toilet at Jauffrey, Cyndie not comfortable

The sequence did not fail to shock Internet users (and also Cyndie at the time). In an interview given to Télé Loisirs, the candidate of Married at first sight 2022 looked back on that not-glam moment. “It was very embarrassing, I feel a little uncomfortable” she explained. She admits it all the same, she was aware of the work but not for the absence of the toilets. And to add: “He had told me beforehand that he would do little things to repair his WC, to assemble furniture; so that I don’t arrive in an apartment in this state. It was already very embarrassing because there was no toilet, for a woman it’s quite complicated. The course of the toilet as a couple is always a complicated moment. And when it doesn’t work…

Cyndie admits it, she held back a little on the set. Because discovering this apartment in full works was obviously not a good surprise. “I became disillusioned at that time, I didn’t want to be mean but I see at that time, the apartment of an immature man. As I was already asking myself questions beforehand to know if he was ready, that answers a little the questions I was asking myself.” she confides.

How she handled her needs

Still for Télé Loisirs, Cyndie also explained how she had managed without a toilet (yes, this is the glam moment of this article). “We had a restaurant for lunch so that I could go to the bathroom and concretely I peed in the shower before going to bed“says the candidate.

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