Cyril Hanouna dropped by a columnist: finally explanations, the reasons revealed!

For more than a decade now, Cyril Hanouna has been making the heyday of C8 with his hit shows. In Do not touch My TV, he is surrounded by a band of columnists who have come to dissect the news. Then, once a week in Balance your post, the troublemaker of the PAF engages, with another team, in sometimes more committed social debates. Present since the launch of the program, one of the headliners has left the ship and is finally explained.

In September 2018, viewers discovered jimmy mohamedgeneral practitioner by profession and new recruit of Cyril Hanouna in Balance your post. Two years later, in June 2020, he announced he was leaving the show. “With the Covid, I decided to take a little distance from current affairs debates. But always present to talk about medicine of course!“, he had declared on Twitter. Since then, he has joined the team of health magazine on France 5 and officiates as a speaker from time to time in Do not touch My TV.

A departure not really definitive, suddenly. He leaves Balance your post as a columnist and occasionally returns to TPMP. In reality, there was another reason for this decision. With our colleagues from Telestar, Jimmy Mohamed explains. “I was not frustrated but I had a concern for legitimacyhe admits. I said to myself: ‘You are a doctor, you have the chance to do a job that you love. Why is it relevant for you to give your opinion on society?’ In The Health Magazine, I do what I prefer. I am in the explanation and in the transmission.

For his part, Cyril Hanouna also spoke after the departure of the doctor. “He’s really a love of a guy, he knows that I love him and there’s always room for him on any show, he had declared at the microphone of Europe 1. Know that for the moment, with Jimmy we had a little discussion, with what happened with the Covid, he really wants to refocus on medicine for the moment, and I completely understand that. But if there are other subjects, he may come to see us next year.” Promise kept!

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