Delphine Wespiser outraged by Jean-Pascal who defends bullfighting in TPMP (VIDEO)

The tension went up a notch last night, Friday June 10, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. The animated program, as often on Fridays by Benjamin Castaldi, was interested in the thorny subject of bullfighting. Indeed, a few days ago, the actress Carole Bouquet had been strongly criticized for having attended the traditional Pentecost feria in the arenas of Nîmes.

The opportunity for the columnists to share their divergent opinions, as was the case between Delphine Wespiser and Jean-Pascal Lacoste. The latter, of Basque origin, confided in his interest in this practice. “I go to see bullfights. You were talking earlier about art and your culture. As you say, it’s not your culture so you can’t know it yet. So when you don’t know, you can have a judgment but not as picky, you may need to take a little more interest in it. But I understand that you don’t like it. Carole Bouquet, she has the right to go see a bullfight. And we judge it. ‘As she is going to see a bullfight, it’s scandalous’. But holy shit, we still have the right in our country to see what we want. When there are cock fights, dog fights, we can’t tolerate“, he argued before being cut by the former miss France. “You like this?”, she threw at him. “No, but it’s not my culture. That I like, that’s my culture. Let me finish ! A bullfighting bull, he dies in the arena at 5 years old, a bull at the butcher’s shop, he dies at 2 years old. So admittedly, it’s a different kill. But it’s a culture, continued the former star academician.

“It’s cruelty”, then blew the one that we will find this summer in “Fort Boyard”. “But you can see it like this. But when I hear people go ‘ouuuh’, people today have the freedom to go see, like Carole Bouquet, and I this summer I took my season ticket in Bayonne, Today in France, you have to accept that people have differences, there are some who like it, others don’t, we don’t need on Twitter to tell them that they’re assholes because they’re going to see something that’s at contrary to what we think“, estimated Jean-Pascal, who suffered a lot of criticism on social networks following this position.



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