Diam’s mother of three children: she talks about her “dream” family and her busy daily life

From its tube dj released in 2003, which subsequently offered him an exceptional career, Diam’s now lives a completely different life, between “homework and school“. A life still very rhythmic for the former rapper, but in a completely different register.

“I have a mom life now, it revolves around my children: they get up in the morning, they go to school, they come home, homework etc. I’m like all moms and all moms will say that it fills a day, she revealed in an interview with seven to eighton the occasion of the release of Hello, a documentary film that she wrote and co-directed and which looks back on her career as well as her private life. In particular, she took advantage of this interview to come back to about his difficult past, his suicide attempt at the age of 14 and his conversion to Islam.

Like a dream

“This family is a bit like a dream even if I know that we can build ourselves without (…) I’m not saying that it’s a whole but once again it’s part of this balance” she continued. Married to Faouzi Tarkhani since 2015, Diam’s is the mother of three children: Maryam (10 years old) Abraham (7 years old) and Luqman (5 years old), whom she decided to call thus in reference to the surah she was doing listen to his grandfather when he was hospitalized.

On May 26, in an interview granted to the Parisianshe assumed the fact of being a mother “gaga“, adding that his life “revolve around them“. It is in particular for this reason, as well as faith, that Diam’s decided, a few years ago, to bow out in music in order to devote herself fully and solely to her private life. Thus, she now lives on the side ofhe United Arab Emirates with his small family, far from the concert halls and his notoriety of yesteryear. His former success, only his eldest daughter is aware of it.

“When we were still in France, she saw people who stopped me in the street, who cried when they saw me” she explained for the Parisian Firstly.When she was older, I explained to her: Mom was a singer, she did rap, she was very famous (…) What matters to me is not that she likes what I have done, but that she understands what I have been (…) And I am lucky that it is only love, especially with the passage of time”, she added. Now rDrawn from media life since 2012, the young mother enjoys her privileged moments in the company of her children.

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