DJ Snake is 36 years old: this radical decision taken against his mother

DJ Snake turns 36 this Monday, June 13, 2022. Real name William Sami Étienne Grigahcine, the French dj has enjoyed dazzling success for several years. He has become one of the most essential artists on the international scene. Originally from Val-d’Oise, he is the most listened to French artist in the world, with three of his titles exceeding one billion plays on online platforms. Since 2011, he accompanies stars like Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga. In terms of sentimental life, we don’t know a lot about DJ Snake. Of his private life, he sometimes agrees to deliver a few rare secrets about his motherone of its pillars. In order to protect her, he took a radical decision.

My mother has always accompanied us. There was no place for the illicit and I was too afraid that she would scold me“, he delivered to the Figaro. guest in Daily (TMC), in February 2020, DJ Snake admits having blocked the latter on Instagram. But why ? “I blocked her on Instagram because the problem is that as soon as there are people who insult me, she goes there! She reads the comments and she defends me!“, he said in front of Yann Barthès. “Poor thing, she hurts herself!“, he added. Raised alone by his mother in an Ermont HLM, he recognizes a very strong bond with her. And when the composer of Taki-Taki is too dissipated, it is she who puts his feet back on the ground.

Poor thing, she hurts herself!

His family is very important to him. The artist, still on the set of Dailydeclared that it was those around him who had prevented him from “twist“.”It’s also my family in general, my friends. I was lucky to break through a bit late because someone who breaks through at 20 with all the success… There’s love and hate and I don’t think anyone can take it all. If you’re not solid and you don’t have people around you who bring you back to real life, I think you fly away and have fun on the next single that doesn’t work, he delivered very accurately.

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