E. Coli. Their 12-year-old daughter becomes seriously ill from a Buitoni pizza: Here’s how to help the family

Last March, Buitoni announced the recall of all products in the Fraîch’Up range. (©ILLUSTRATION / dalaxey / AdobeStock)

On Friday, seven families filed a complaint against Buitoni after their children were poisoned by the E. Coli bacteria.

This was also the case of the Léna family, named after this 12-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Nancy who, as our colleagues from The Republican East in an article dated April 15, fell seriously ill after consuming a pizza from the range Fresh’Up.

According to the journal of France Blue of this Saturday morning, the teenager is still hospitalized.

An online kitty to help the family

In order to “meet the needs of their daughter and hospital costs”, an online kitty was opened by “Jessica and Nathalie, two colleagues and friends of the parents of little Léna”.

She has collected, for the time being, 5,601 euros.

If you would like to contribute, click here.

56 cases confirmed by Public Health France

As of May 4, 2022, 56 confirmed cases of hemolytic-uremic syndromes (HUS) and infections with shiga-toxin-producing E.coli bacteria (STEC) linked to the consumption of Buitoni brand “Fraîch’up” pizzas have been reported. identified, according to a situation report established by Public Health France.

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The Great East has three.

Two children died.

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