Elizabeth II and her unexpected appearance for the end of the jubilee: this call that changed everything

Sunday, June 5, the British did not come back. Gathered in front of the Buckingham gates, the crowd was able to see, for the very last day of the jubilee, Elizabeth II on the balcony, surrounded by Prince Charles, his grandson William and Prince George, third in the order of succession. to the throne. An unpublished image to which fans of the Crown should not be entitled. As agreed at the start, Elizabeth II, 96, tested by her fragile health and by the many past festivities, had to rest. The Sovereign finally made a final appearance to greet the crowd one last time. An effort to which his son, Prince Charles, is no stranger.

As a source told DailyMailQueen Elizabeth II would never have appeared if Prince Charles had not encouraged her: “The Queen decided she would be there just three hours before the balcony appearance. She was in no condition but the Prince of Wales called her and told her she had to come if she could. He made it clear that thousands of people were hoping to see her, that’s how he convinced her“Faced with the insistence of her son, her successor to the throne, and her devotion to the British people, Elizabeth II left herself no choice. She did not regret it.

Dressed in green, Elizabeth II presented herself alongside the active members of the Crown, including her son Charles and his wife Camilla, but also Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children, including George, third in the order of succession. And she couldn’t control her emotion when she saw all the love the British had for her. Stayed a few minutes, “she was impressed by the number of people present, so much so that tears came to her eyes.” The best of the gifts she could receive for her 70 years of reign.

There is no doubt that after such a surge of love, Queen Elizabeth II warmly thanked her son, Prince Charles. The British can also be grateful, those who would not have seen their queen again without the call from the prince. He, who was long frowned upon by the British people after the death of Diana and his marriage to Camilla, has surely won points

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