Erwan de Chambord: “For Royal Ascot, Pizza Bianca and Slipstream traveled for 48 hours! »

International / 11.06.2022

Erwan de Chambord: “For Royal Ascot, Pizza Bianca and Slipstream traveled for 48 hours! »

Pupil hasAssistant to Christophe Clément, Erwan de Chambord has been appointed to accompany Pizza Bianca and Slipstream at Royal Ascot. From Belmont to Newmarket, he gave us the details of this journey.

By Salome Lellouche

Jour de Galop – How did you come up with the idea of ​​going to Royal Ascot?

Erwan de Chambord – Although coaching in the United States, the FrFrench Christophe Clément is very attached to Europe. He still has an eye on the Royal Ascot schedule. And this meeting was timely, especially for Slipstream (More youHan Ready). When he saw the demonstration carried out by the colt at Keeneland, for his comeback, he spoke about it with his owners. Moreover, with the trips regularly made by Wesley Ward, we see that this meeting corresponds well to American horses, even if nothing is ever decided in advance. This is the first time that Christophe Clément will have a starter at Royal Ascot.

What exactly is your role within the team?

I arrived in January in Payson Park Florida and have a one year visa. At first I started at the bottom and now I have the status of ward assistant. The stable is split in two and I am based in Saratoga with Miguel Clément. We have about seventy horses, including fifty two-year-olds. I help with care, team management, horse papers, documents for clients… At Belmont, Christophe Clément and his assistant Christophe Lorieul are responsible for all the horses ready to race for the meeting . I really thank Christophe Clément, Christophe Lorieul and Miguel Clément for their trust.

How is such a trip organised?

A month and a half ago, Christophe Clément and Christophe Lorieul asked themselves the following question: who to run? We knew very early that Slipstream would be traveling for the Commonwealth Cup (Gr1). Re Pizza Bianca (Fasnet Rock), the decision was made a little later. She will be at the start of the Coronation Cup (Gr1). Like any trip, you have to think about the administrative side of the thing. Christophe Lorieul managed everything on that side. It was also necessary to agree on a plan with IRT for the flight.

The horses went by truck from New York to Keeneland. In Indianapolis, they took a plane to come to London. In all, Pizza Bianca and Slipstream spent over 48 hours in transit. As it is very long, we arrive several days before kick-off so that they can decompress. With the stress inherent in this long journey, they easily become dehydrated. Everything is taken into account to allow them to get back into their “American routine” as quickly as possible.

What should be taken care of?

To everything ! It is necessary thatand the horses be the most relaxeds possible, that they have hay all the time, water at will. With Pizza Bianca, we were not afraid because, mentally, she is very calm and she has already traveled by plane, in particular to go to Del Mar during the Breeders’ Cup. Slipstream is a little more complicated mentally. It’s a little “hot” but everything went well.

When did the horses arrive?

Tuesday at 5 p.m. in London, and I was able to pick them up at Stansted airport. Once they arrived, they acclimated well. Wednesday was a pretty quiet day. For 45 minutes we walked them in hands and grazed them. From Thursday, we will gently resume work at a trot. Little by little, we will accentuate the canters. Before leaving, the horses had worked on the grass, so they are on top. The objective is to fine-tune their physical condition until D-Day.

Where are they stationed?

In Charlie Fellowes’ stalls in Newmarket. This is the former court of Monsieur Cumani, where Christophe Clément was an assistant. I am helped by Charly Clover, one of the two riders to mount them. His brother is a coach at Newmarket. It’s a big advantage to have him by our side. Mr Cumani is there every morning and afternoon to accompany us, in addition to the vet based in Newmarket.

Are the horses planned to stay in Europe?

For the moment, a return flight is planned. But if Slipstream were to do well in the Commonwealth Cup, he willit surely a detour to compete for the Prix Jean Prat (Gr1). Joël Rosario will be in the saddle. In the Coronation Stakes (Gr1), Jose Ortiz and Pizza Bianca will face very good fillies, such as the winner of the Irish 1,000 Guineas and that of the French Guineas. We were a little disappointed that she was beaten for her comeback but she was running well. His jockey was not hard. Subsequently, for her second race of the year, she won very easily at Pimlico. It is also on this reassuring performance that she makes the trip.

What was your course ?

Son and grandson of breeders, I always wanted to work with horses. After a BTS ACSE equine option in the Sarthe, I followed the AGRICADRE training at the ESA in Angers with a work-study program at Arqana. I then worked with Nicolas de Watrigant for a year. I also set up my brokerage firm and for my first clients I bought from Keeneland, Tattersalls and Arqana. Finally, this year, I left at the end of January for the United States!


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