EXCLUDED – Here is who will be designated today as “favorite host of the French” and who is the first host in the hearts of viewers!

The news should be official today, but jeanmarcmorandini.com can tell you right now who the favorite animators of the French are. It is indeed a traditional end-of-season survey which is carried out by our colleagues from TV Magazine and which allows the channels to know who is in the hearts of viewers.

According to our exclusive informationso it is for the fourth consecutive time Stéphane Plaza who will come first. The M6 ​​host continues his race in the lead. It must be said that the real estate agent has had a flawless career for several years by being “the nice guy” on TV with whom everyone wants to be friends, but in addition with his humor and his “clumsy” side. , it appeals to women, men and children alike. He also had the intelligence to develop his brand of agencies and get into comedy. A well-deserved success.

Another deserved success is the one that occupies the second place, in this case Jean-Luc Reichmann. Still according to our exclusive information, it is indeed the host of TF1 who occupies the second place in this ranking. It must be said that he quietly continues his way at noon with extraordinary audiences for “Les 12 coups de midi” which has dominated all the channels for almost 20 years. In addition, his foray into the field of comedy is a real success with the theater but also and above all Léo Matteï on TF1 who gave him a real role at his height.

The third is for a ghost, since it is Nagui who had left the winning trio in recent months and who thus returns to the podium.

Three men in the lead, so who is the first woman? We can tell you that it is Karine Le Marchand. The host thus allows M6 to triumph and chance has it that the host and hostesses favorite of the French are therefore on the same channel, but also the best friends in the world! Karine Le Marchand, a woman of character who does not allow herself to be pushed around but who has shown her big heart on several occasions and above all who does not lack humor and empathy in these interviews.

All these results should be confirmed during the day by TV Mag.

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