EXCLUDED – Jean-Marc Morandini announces his departure from NRJ 12 at the end of the season for new television adventures which he will specify in a few days

After 10 years of success, creating new shows like Crimes, Heritage, Retrouvailles, Emergencies, You are live… Jean-Marc Morandini announces his departure from NRJ 12 on July 15 for new television adventures.

NRJ 12 thanks Jean-Marc Morandini for these years spent together within the NRJ Group.

Jean-Marc Morandini declares: “For 10 years I was able to host live hundreds of programs as different as each other at midday, in access and as a bonus.

These broadcasts have brought to light, with the insight of experts, a large number of legal cases and miscellaneous facts, giving all the parties a voice. I thank NRJ 12 and the viewers for their loyalty throughout this decade”.

Jean-Marc Morandini will nevertheless continue, with Carson Prod, the production of new issues of “Crimes Hebdo” and “Héritages” next season for NRJ12NRJ 12 and Chérie 25without embodying them, and is preparing a new series of programs for NRJ 12.”.

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