find out who will replace the animator in “The great contest of animators”

“I’m leaving my TV host costume. At TF1, it didn’t surprise them more than that. In December, Ara Aprikian (headline program boss) and I had a conversation. I had told him of my desire to try new adventures”, said Alessandra Sublet at the beginning of April. With her unexpected departure from TF1, the host forced TF1 to reorganize its schedule of hosts in order to replace the Lyonnaise at the head of many entertainments. According to information from TVMag, the channel would have set its sights on Hélène Mannarino to present “It’s Canteloup!” from next school year. But what about the “Grand competition of animators”?. Several names had been circulating for several days and it was finally one of the already well-known faces of the channel who was chosen. It is indeed Arthur who was chosen to take over the program.

In an interview with our colleagues from Parisian, Mareva Galanter’s companion explains why he accepted TF1’s proposal: “Alessandra Sublet has decided to take a step back from TV animation. And in our reflections, the chain offered me to do it. So I’ll be the first man in charge, and I enjoy doing it. It also brings in new faces. We are filming at the beginning of July, with Arnaud Ducret, Franck Dubosc in particular… The programs will evolve slightly, refocus around themes, but obviously keeping the fundamentals”, he explained.

For her part, at 45, Alessandra Sublet is embarking on a career as an actress, with her first project, Handi-Gang, broadcast a few weeks ago on TF1. “Either way, it’s not someone else’s path, it’s yours. On arrival, it’s you who blossom”. I think I’ve been doing this job for twenty years with so much pleasure that I don’t want to stop at some point because, precisely, I I’m fed up“, she explained on the set of “C à vous”.


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