Florent Pagny: his daughter announces sad news, “I love you forever”

After the announcement of Florent Pagny on his lung cancer, it is the turn of his daughter, Aël, to announce sad news. Find out all the details in this article.

Pagny, a protective but discreet father

Aël Pagny, daughter of Florent Pagny, is turning a page in her life. Although they live far from each other, Aël is close to his father. In the columns of Gala, she confided in saying that her dad loves to say that Inca, her brother, and her, do not belong to him.

Yet, according to her:

“He is a protective dad, but discreet”

Florent Pagny is concerned about his children despite the distances. His daughter says more about it, specifying:

“He watches over us, even from a distance. He always gives us good advice. »

And she goes on to reveal that her daddy is not intrusive.

“He leaves us free as long as everything is done according to the rules and we are happy. “, she concluded.

A painful news

Florent Pagny, coach of “The Voice”, announced painful news on his Instagram account several months ago. He says he has lung cancer. Terrible news for the 60-year-old artist and his family.

According to the announcement, the tumor he was diagnosed with “cannot be operated on. “He must therefore follow, for six months, a “chemotherapy and X-ray” protocol. The announcement was a shock for the fans of the artist, but the latter does not seem to be resigned.

He had promised his fans that he was going to fight in order to overcome the disease. In his words, he said that he will “put himself in warrior mode to face this rather special ordeal. »

Aël and his sad revelation

Aël, his daughter, spoke out on social networks. The followers of the daughter of Florent and Azucena Caamaño, noticed that during her last publications, Aël no longer appeared with Ariel, the one who was supposed to be her boyfriend. One of his followers got curious during a Q&A about what was going on with the Argentine.

“We don’t see Ariel anymore?” “, said the Internet user.

In fact, the 23-year-old often shared snippets of her love life with Ariel on social media. After the question, she revealed their breakup saying they hadn’t been together for over 6 months.

A few years ago, she posted these words on social media:

“Four years since I gave you my first kiss and I still have butterflies in my stomach. »

And in 2021, the month of March to be precise, she declared her love for him with the following words:

” I love you forever. »

A year later, Florent Pagny’s daughter reveals the end of her story with Ariel. The reasons for this separation have not been revealed by the travel and photo enthusiast.

However, in a photo that Aël Pagny published, we see his ex-companion displaying a big smile. A photo that suggests that the two former lovers have separated on good terms.

Who is Florent Pagny’s daughter?

Florent Pagny and Azucena Caamaño, both stars, had very beautiful children together. It’s not surprising given the great beauty of the woman and the freshness of the man despite his age. Florent Pagny revealed his son, Inca, in a photo shared on his Instagram account. The young boy, being of Latino type, is the one who has the most resemblance to his father.

As for Aël Pagny, 23 years old, it is the beauty of her mother that she inherited. They are identical. Yet she still has something she got from her father. These are his blue eyes. Combined with her South American side, her eyes give her more charm. Aël stood out on a Gala cover with his father.

Many were impressed by the atypical beauty of the young Latino. One can imagine the pride of Florent and his wife vis-à-vis their daughter who, in addition to being exceptionally beautiful, is also a star in the making given the different talents she possesses.

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