his radical decision to save his couple from breaking up

NICE, FRANCE – Astrid Veillon: her radical decision to save her relationship from breaking up (Photo by Didier Baverel/WireImage)

This Tuesday, June 14, 2022, France 3 is broadcasting the “Tandem” series worn by Astrid Veillon. On the private side, the actress, who took a long time to build a solid career, is having happy days with her companion, the father of her son Jules. And it is among other things to preserve this flame that the actress has taken a radical decision.

Since 2016, Astrid Veillon has played Commander Léa Soler on screen in the France 3 series, Tandem. A nice revenge for the one who has long suffered from clichés and harsh remarks around her advantageous physique, confined to roles in lighter series than what she knows today. On the private side, Astrid Veillon is the happy mother of Jules, born in 2010 from his love with Gilles. If the lovers are discreet in the media, Mr. practicing the profession of landscape gardener far from film sets, they have done everything to preserve their love from the monotony of everyday life.

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A couple on the verge of breaking up

It was in 2021, in an interview given to Public on the occasion of the release of her novel, “Why us?”, that Astrid Veillon explained that she had made a big decision during the first confinement. After 13 years of love with Gilles, it was time to do it: “We could no longer live together, we were falling apart while there was still love. I have a lot of admiration for my lover but we no longer wanted the same things at the same time, which created conflicts. I offered to try something else. This “other thing” is to make separate apartments. As do more and more couples, parents or not. “At first, he took it for a breakup but I didn’t imagine it like that. I didn’t want to do that to go elsewhere either!” assures the 50-year-old actress.

For her, it is certain, “everyday life damages the couple”. At this point in her life, Astrid Veillon says she “felt the separation coming.” “It’s difficult to upset a balance and therefore to question yourself. It’s to recognize your flaws, your mistakes. I’m lucky to have a man who is capable of it and with whom you can talk a lot. We could no longer stay in the same pattern. And the Covid had a lot to do with this decision-making” she conceded in the columns of Gala, taking a lucid look at the passage of time: “After thirteen years of living together, we said to ourselves that we had to live our couple differently. And it works very well. I am proud of us.”

Astrid Veillon therefore stayed in the house they lived in with Jules, their son, while Gilles packed up. Not easy for the young boy to face these changes: “It was complicated at the beginning. As long as it was not done, he was anxious to know how it would go. He asked me to reassure him. Except that I did not know how it would be organized, concretely. When the situation settled, he found his place and lives it well. He sees his dad every day.

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Astrid Veillon refused to marry

However, Astrid Veillon has never questioned the love and tenderness she feels for her companion. Quite the contrary: “It’s a decision that we took together. I love my man, really. I just wonder to what extent I am made for the life of two”, she confided to Gala. A strong decision so as not to fall into doubt and uncertainty: “Fear must not prevent us from making decisions, otherwise we will never move forward. I preferred to take the lead, so I told my lovers: ‘Let us be braver than the others’.”

Today, the actress absolutely does not regret her choice. With Gilles, this new life together but not under the same roof gave a second wind to their couple. And this, even if they never said “yes” officially. Indeed, Astrid Veillon has always refused to get married, as she explained to Gala with all the frankness that characterizes her so much: “My lover asked me for my hand four years after our meeting, just before the birth of Jules. I refused because I was not ready, but I told him that if in 20 years we were still together, we would get married”. A frank and honest refusal motivated by some fears of the past: “Today we marry quickly and we divorce quickly, I myself am a child of divorced people. In my mind, if I marry one day, it is for life. I’m afraid of marriage because it’s a promise I’m not sure I can keep. On the other hand, if we have to separate, I know that Gilles will remain the man of my life because he It was with him that I had a child.” Freedom above all.

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