HPI season 3: a sequel already in preparation, a big change to come in 2023

A season 3 for HPI ?

It is this Thursday, June 16, 2022 that TF1 broadcasts the grand finale of season 2 of HPI. To this end, a question is already on everyone’s lips: can we expect a sequel for next year? Unsurprisingly, the answer is… YES. While the episodes are watched on average by 8 million viewers, Audrey Fleurot put an end to the suspense by confirming the renewal of detective fiction for a season 3.

Asked last May by France Info about the future of the series, the interpreter of Morgane Alvaro simply revealed, “There will be a season 3 of HPI. I absolutely don’t know if I have the right to say it, I haven’t been briefed at all but I tell you.” Despite that “fear of overdoing the season“, the actress confessed that she did not feel ready to let go of her heroine: “It’s not easy to find such exciting projects. I don’t want to let go yet. (…) I want to embody it as long as we manage to raise the sliders each time and as long as I have fun.“Translation? A season 4 is not even to be ruled out.

New episodes earlier?

Good news for fans of this mother with an incredible IQ, who is not the only one. At the microphone of Télé-Star this time, actor Mehdi Nebbou (Adam Karadec) for his part announced that the creative team was already working on the new episodes, “I have a thought for the authors who must be in an infernal triathlon of writing right now. They have little time. I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with“. In other words, filming should therefore be launched earlier than usual, which should mechanically allow TF1 to bring forward the broadcast date!

Some upcoming changes

A simple detail? No way. The actor then clarified, where the creators are keen to continue to surprise viewers, “We will have to remain humble, fresh, innovate. Do not exhaust the system“, this acceleration at the production level is precisely thought to bring some necessary changes in the intrigues. “This is why we will perhaps shoot a little earlier than last year, towards the end of the summer, to have a little more sun than in the middle of autumn.he confided. And to have more outdoor scenes, by the sea for example…

Is 2023 still a long way off?

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