“I have to rest to find my face”: suffering from a rare disease, Justin Bieber forced to cancel his next concerts

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Justin Bieber, Canadian pop star, is forced to cancel his world tour. The singer is suffering from Ramsay Hunt’s disease, which notably causes him impressive facial paralysis.

“My body is telling me to slow down.” In the middle of a world tour, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is forced to cancel several concerts. The singer of “What Do You Mean” is indeed suffering from the rare syndrome of Ramsay Hunt, an infectious disease characterized by auricular shingles associated with paralysis of the facial nerve.

It is on Instagram that the singer announced the bad news to his fans and revealed the evil that reaches him. In a video of almost three minutes shot in front of the camera, we quickly notice that the 28-year-old young man has facial paralysis: the right half of his face seems to no longer respond. “As you can see on my face, I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt syndrome,” the singer explained.

“Electrical Stimulations”

“I can’t blink that eye. I can’t smile on that side of the face either,” he continued. The Canadian had a word for his fans “frustrated by the cancellations” of his concerts: “it is obvious that I am unable to assure them. It is quite serious. I wish that was not the case. My body is clearly telling me to slow down, and I hope you understand that.”

To treat this disease, which he does not know “how long it will last”, Justin Bieber said he was following a treatment based on “electrical stimulation”.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a very rare infection, which is estimated to occur in only 5 out of 100,000 people each year in the United States. While most of these infections mainly affect older people in their 60s, anyone who has had chickenpox can potentially develop this syndrome.

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