“I live like in the 19th century”: A TPMP columnist reveals her disconcerting living conditions

Do not touch My TV will soon come to an end. In a few days, Cyril Hanouna will release his columnists for a well-deserved vacation before a new start on C8. In the meantime, the class council period has begun. It was Benjamin Castaldi’s turn to deal with the notes and remarks of his little comrades this Monday, June 13, before moving on to the news of the day, including the tragic disappearance of two residents, knocked down by an 88-year-old lady at the wheel of her car.

The debate was then launched: after a certain age, should the driving license be abolished? Opinions were more or less nuanced. Cyril Hanouna therefore turned to the oldest of the band, namely Bernard Montiel, 65 years old and Danielle Moreau, 58 years old, who have already exchanged a languorous kiss on the set.

If she does not have the license in her pocket, useless for her who lives in Paris, Danielle Moreau indicated that she was nonetheless in favor of an age limit for drivers to avoid this kind of situation in the future. But it is not this assertion of the columnist that the team of TPMP retained. Without a companion, without a license, Cyril Hanouna laughed and asked her if she had at least one thing in her possession. He was not disappointed with his answer, like all the others!

I live like in the 19th century! she confessed. I don’t have a washing machine, I wash everything by hand.” This sentence shocked many of the people around the table. Kelly Vedovelli even went so far as to ask her if she “went to the laundry” Aware that these statements can shock, Danielle Moreau did not deflate to go a little further in her explanations: “I wash my clothes by hand in the tub. I don’t have a microwave, I don’t have an elevator.” Enough to puzzle the set for good who even wondered if she was lighting up by candlelight. Not offended for a penny, Danielle Moreau took all these thoughts with a smile, reassuring everyone, however: “I have running water!“Whew, we weren’t a little scared anyway…

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