“I was marked as a child by a performance of Carmen”

The motif of the forest is precisely at the heart of the plastic research of our guest. From the forest, the visual artist Eva Jospin meticulously studies the forms, the depth, by creating works that question its power and its mystery. Eva Jospin is known for her virtuoso use of cardboard which she sculpts, chisels, assembles, superimposes… An inspired artist, she does not disdain bronze, cement or embroidery either; she turns them into caves, natural theaters that evoke baroque rock gardens.

“I would dream of creating opera sets”


“A Grand Tour”
Domaine de la Garenne-Lemotin Loire-Atlantique
Until September 18, 2022

A Grand Tour
A Grand Tour

This Grand Tour by Eva Jospin takes us on a very personal journey where Italian architecture and landscapes are particularly present, “reminiscing” on her stay as a resident at the Villa Medici in 2017.

Beyond Italy, the beauty of the landscapes, the concern and the fascination that emerges from mythology and tales are sources of inspiration for Eva Jospin who produces works where nature is symbolically staged. Exhibited in the Villa Lemot, caves, woods, rocks or nymphaeums, in raw cardboard, cut out and sculpted by the artist, echo the century-old ornamental factories that punctuate the paths of the Parc de la Garenne.

In 2021, the artist created a bronze sculpture for the Parc de la Garenne Lemot: Gorgon’s Wood. This installation is visible in free access until 2023.

Musical programming

Pablo Casals
El cant del Occels
Pablo Casals, Mieczyslaw Horszowski

Georges Bizet
Carmen: Love is a Rebellious Bird (Act I)
Maria Callas, Orchestra of the National Opera of Paris, Georges Prêtre

Robert Schuman
Childhood scenes: 1. Von fremden Ländern und Menschen
Vladimir Horowitz

Franz Liszt
Years of pilgrimage 1st year Switzerland S 160: 6. Obermann Valley
Jeffrey Grice

Claude Debussy
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Orchestra of French-speaking Switzerland, Armin Jordan

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