iOS 16: Apple introduced new features

On Tuesday June 6, Apple presented, during its Keynote organized as part of WWDC 2022, the new features that will be offered with iOS 16. As every year, this update should be deployed in the fall. Focus on 4 features that will undoubtedly appeal to the general public.

It’s an event that many have been waiting for, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The show, which took place from June 6 to 10, was an opportunity for Apple to present its new products to developers around the world. And as usual, the Cupertino company strives to improve the user experience with its operating system. This year, the Apple brand will be no exception to the rule by presenting the future features of iOS 16. Among them, a redesign of the screen, new options for Concentration mode or new features for iMessage.

Edit or delete iMessages

Who has never found themselves in an embarrassing situation after having sent an incomplete message or to the wrong person? Starting with the update to the new operating system, iPhone owners will be able to enjoy three new features on iMessage: unsending or deleting a message, correcting errors in a sent message and having the possibility of putting the message in “unread” to come back to it later.

A customizable screen

With iOS 16, it will now be possible to customize your lock screen, both in terms of information and its appearance. Several fonts will be available for date and time. In addition, a depth effect will be applied to the images to superimpose, for example, the time behind a person’s face. The Cupertino company also offers to integrate various information widgets such as a calendar or an alarm. Special dynamic backgrounds will also be offered for display. And if you are in a changing mood, know that it will be possible to configure several lock screens that you can modify, as you wish, with the swipe of your finger.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular features of iOS 16 © Apple

Several options are added to Plans

We must admit that the Maps feature is not the favorite of users and that, Apple has understood. Thanks to the new iOS, the tool becomes more complete and will offer many options such as planning a trip with 15 stops, cycling routes, a more detailed city map or even information on public transport.

Maybe you are already enjoying it? The Concentration option, available since September 2021, is improving. This allows, as its name suggests, to keep all your concentration during a working day or a sports session. By customizing the settings, you could, until now, choose not to be disturbed by calls, notifications or messages. This time, Focus mode takes things a step further. iOS 16 will indeed offer users to filter access to certain websites and leave access only to the sites and applications that interest you (Mail, Messages, Calendar, etc.).

iPhones eligible for iOS 16 are all ranges from iPhone 13 to iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2nd generation or later).

Source : Apple

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