iOS 16 will let you uninstall more Apple apps

While the first beta of iOS 16 was put online for developers this week, we discover new features brought by the new version of the iPhone operating system every day. The Locate (Find My), Health and Clock applications will be able to be uninstalled.

Source: Apple

As noted 9to5Mac, you can, from iOS 10, delete applications preinstalled on the iPhone and which are developed by Apple. In the list, we find in particular: calculator, calendar, messaging, music, notes and podcasts “. The native Find My, Health, and Clock apps join this list in iOS 16.

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Native apps that can be uninstalled from iPhone

It was the English-language media that spotted this novelty; we can in this first beta of the new iOS and the new iPadOS uninstall these applications. This removes some very practical features (for example the alarm clock that you ring fifteen times before deigning to get up). However, these three apps can be reinstalled from the App Store. Other native applications cannot be uninstalled such as Phone, Safari, Messages and the App Store (we understand why).

Find My can be uninstalled from iPhone in iOS 16 // Source: 9to5Mac

Regarding the Locate application, “ deleting the app does not disable Find My features, such as Find My Friends ” note 9to5Mac. If you try to uninstall the application, a message warns you that ” all people, devices or things associated to your Apple ID will still be stored in the iPhone. Data that can be managed in the settings of the Apple smartphone.

Why does Apple allow native apps to be uninstalled?

According 9to5Mac, who looked into the matter, it would allow Apple to comply with possible new competition regulations. In October 2020, we learned that the European Commission wanted to force smartphone manufacturers to facilitate the removal of preinstalled applications. Also, Apple is regularly accused of pushing its own services on the devices it sells. Giving users the possibility to delete pre-installed applications is a way to reduce the risk of new charges and/or sanctions.

At the same time, Apple unveiled new features for iMessage, Apple Pay, Cards or Dictation during WWDC 2022 which took place a few days ago.

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