Is the platform a flop?

Thu, June 16, 2022

Apple TV + aka the platform that we hardly ever talk about and yet! They have quality productions with castings worthy of Hollywood films Elizabeth Moss, Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Jason Momoa, Gary Oldman, Chris Evans or Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto. Very nice people. But it is true that very little is said about their programs. There are really two that stand out because they are the ones on which Apple has bet to launch its platform in 2019 with on one side The Morning Show. The series with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon nevertheless received a good reception and stood out thanks to the duo of the two iconic actresses. And then on the other side there is Ted Lassothe series creates and with Jason Sudeikis about a loose but touching English football team. A huge critical success, the series has been multi-awarded including 4 Emmy Awards and 1 Golden Globe.

A big competition

But that’s not enough to swell the number of subscribers to the platform, which is struggling to increase. So, like Netflix, they don’t release their numbers but according to analysts in 2021, the platform would have only gathered 40 million subscribers worldwide. A very low figure compared to Disney + for example which was launched almost at the same time. They have 130 million subscribers worldwide, they come to compete with the giant Netflix which has more than 200 million subscribers.

So a low figure for AppleTV+ compared to others which can be explained by the longevity of netflix. They were the first to launch the trend of SVOD services and today they have the success that we know. And then disney it is an already basic iconic brand. They have ultra popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel or Pixar and in addition they have managed to create original productions registered in their universes like Wanda vision Where The Mandalorian. In addition, they target a very large audience because they also have a large catalog of children’s programs such as cartoons or Disney Channel movies.

A lack of communication

AppleTV+ produces much more adult content, with police and drama series. And it must be said, the few people who watch them are very enthusiastic about their productions like For All Mankind, Severance Where Servant which received great reviews. But Apple seems to be a victim of its lack of communication on its SVOD service because there is still very little promotion around their content. No poster, no advertising, while the public needs hype to capture what is happening around them. In addition Apple TV + remains very affordable with 3 months free if you buy an Apple product, and otherwise the subscription is 4 euros 99, so really nothing compared to its competitors. Afterwards, they probably didn’t make the right name choice that loses people between Apple TV, the platform… It’s not clear enough. In addition, many believe that you must have Apple devices to have the platform when not it is available on all connected TVs and computers. And then aesthetically, the platform is not very pretty and bugs a lot. Honestly, Apple is cool to bet on the substance but maybe we should review the form.

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