Italian Queen bets on Neapolitan pizza

Marne la Valle The brand co-founded by Jonathan Jablonski has just opened its doors in the Val d’Europe shopping center, Marne-la-Valle. An Italian-American concept that aims for a hundred points of sale in the long term.

Neapolitan pizza is on the rise. “This pizza is gourmet, generous, visual, Instagrammable. It is very developed in big cities, but not necessarily in shopping centers or in the provinces”observe Jonathan Jablonski. Also the entrepreneur and his two associates, ric dujourd’hui and Georges Meurisse, they decided to make it the spearhead of their Italian Queen brand. Italian flour, double fermentation for 72 hours, tomato sauce concocted from the San Marzano variety… The eleven pizza recipes rely on “quality ingredients in short circuits” and customization, with classic or offbeat toppings: English cheddar, caramelized bacon, creamy burrata, spicy mayo sauce… Customers can also enjoy large Italian salads, and soon pasta and panizzi (pizza dough sandwiches) .

In order to smooth out the activity throughout the day, Italian Queen offers a large sugar menu with a tiramis bar available in five flavors, sundaes, Nutella pizzas, brownies and cookies. At aperitivo time, shared platters accompany an original cocktail menu, such as the Spritz with rose and raspberry syrup.

Up to 1,200 covers per day

The establishment of 240 m² and 110 seats plays the card of “the hybridization between fast and traditional catering, with order taking at the terminal and table service”. The pizzas, prepared in two minutes, are offered between €9 and €17. But the average ticket is around 27 €. “It’s a nice surprise. The reception is very good. We do 800 covers a day on weekdays, and up to 1,200 on weekends”, welcomes Jonathan Jablonski. Two points of sale are scheduled in the next eighteen months, probably Lille and Reims, before opening the franchise concept. To eventually reach a hundred establishments, town centres,most beautiful malls” and drives will be preferred.

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