Jean-Marie Bigard collapsed: his wife Lola Marois…

Jean-Bigard needs no introduction. Comedian, but also well known for his gritty and schoolboy jokes, the character is one of the most famous in France. He has a remarkable career on TV and on an emotional level, the love is there. As a reminder, he is in a relationship with Lola Marois, a beautiful young woman who is there for him whether for better or for worse. It would not be the comedian who would say the opposite, he who showered his wife with praise, evoking her during his interview with Jordan De Luxe in the program “Chez Jordan”.

Ousted from the “Big Heads”

While some comedians make themselves known through their humor, others make themselves known by putting forward certain ideas. This is indeed the case of Coluche and Jean-Marie Bigard. The latter has made a name for himself in France for his rather quirky humor, which pleases, but also disturbs.

He does not mince his words, especially when it comes to making his ideas heard. But that earned the man who is known for his political ideas some reprimands. Some of these fans do not share the same ideas as him and find themselves disturbed by what he says.

That’s not all ! Some television and radio sets have also decided not to invite him anymore because of this. Thus, Jean-Marie Bigard was ousted from the “Big Heads” by Laurent Ruquier.

“We remove the guys who have a little too much balls, which is my case”, regretted the principal concerned.

His secrets about his wife

Even if everyone turns their back on him, Jean-Marie Bigard can count on one person: his wife. They have been together for many years and still spin the perfect love until now.

However, the couple who married in 2011 also goes through ups and downs. Guest of Jordan De Luxe in his program “Chez Jordan”, Jean-Marie Bigard also returned to his hospitalization, which was a terrible moment for them, especially for his wife.

The comedian was suffering from sepsis and fell seriously ill. Brought to the resuscitation room, Lola Marois was afraid for the health of her husband.

“I love such a lovely woman, who loves me so much, she was taking mum’s picture and she was like ‘don’t call your son back, I still need him’. She’s the kind of woman who would get in the way of the train so that it doesn’t run over you, ”said Bigard, in tears.

“I was like ‘he’s not going to come back'”

Lola stayed by her husband’s bedside until he got better. She spent long waits, exhausted, trying to find comfort with their friend Laurent Baffie.

“I was in tears every day, I called Laurent Baffie who is our best friend and every day I called him in tears and said ‘lolo I’m not going to make it. He’s not going to live’. He was devastated for his mate. He wanted to be reassuring, but he was afraid. It was an awful time. I came home in the evening, I said to myself ‘he is not going to come back,’ said this one in front of Jordan De Luxe.

Finally, Jean-Marie Bigard was released from the hospital. It was a terrible ordeal for Lola and it must be said that it was not the only one. Indeed, when host Jordan De Luxe asked her to confide in the worst moment of her life, the young woman replied that it was during the birth of her twins.

While the birth of a child is magical, for the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard, it was anxiety.

“They were born at 6 months pregnant, which was between life and death for 2 months, really very very hot,” she said.

This period was complicated for the mother. So she decided to write to get rid of the evil that was eating away at her. The book entitled “See you tomorrow my loves” then saw the light of day.

“It’s because I didn’t know if I was going to see them again the next day. I said ‘see you tomorrow my loves’ when I left the hospital, but there was no guarantee that they would still be alive the next day, ”concluded the woman.

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