Jean-Michel Tiniveli gives up on paternity: “I have passed the age of having children”

He is back ! Jean-Michel Tiniveli returns to the screens in Simon Colemana new detective fiction from France 2 where he plays a cop forced to raise his sister’s three children, a role at odds with the one he played in Alice Nevers, the series that blew him into the public eye. An ambitious new project for the one who, despite an advantageous physique, remained a hardened and childless bachelor, as he confided to Paris here.

The actor shares a great similarity with his new character, that of not having known fatherhood. A point on which the latter returned for our colleagues. “Like Simon [son personnage] I am single and I have no children. And I think if I became a father, I would be as lost as him” he explained.

A situation that never really upset the actor, who nevertheless had a 3-year marriage when he was only 23. “JI am very happy like this. Frankly, if I met someone who has children, I would accept them out of love. But I’m past the age to have one. You have to be in pretty good shape to take care of it. On the set, there were three children who are bursting with energy and whom I coaxed with sweets“ he explained amused.

And even if he has never taken the step of fatherhood, Jean-Michel is not necessarily clumsy with children. He even prides himself on knowing how to deal with them. “I haven’t spent much time with my nephew and my niece, because my two brothers have lived in England for a long time, but many of my friends have kids and I have a great bond with them. I’m the good older buddy they can talk to, the one who takes them to the movies or the zoo. Singles are no longer ‘old boys’ as they used to be called. And if we are so popular with the kids, it is because we are detached from parental authority.“Would he have found the ideal role in Simon Coleman ? Highly possible !

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