Join the World’s Largest Pizza Party for Bitcoin Pizza Day

May 22 has been celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day for 12 years now. The day an American named Laszlo Hanyecz ordered 2 pizzas for a total of 10,000 BTC (or $41 for the time). This historic day within the crypto community is celebrated through Bitcoin Pizza Day, and today PizzaDAO has decided to take matters into its own hands and in a very serious way.

PizzaDAO launches the biggest pizza party in over 100 countries!

The world’s first decentralized pizza community (run by a DAO) with a mission to use Web3 to support independent businesses and deliver free pizza, will be celebrating the iconic Bitcoin Pizza Day alongside some of its biggest fans: legends Cheech and Chongthe actor Seth Greenthe DJ Steve Aokior the artist Kenny Schachterthis Sunday, May 22, 2022.

The event will see the largest network of decentralized pizzerias in the heart of New York in Little Italy, the 99th floor of the Willis Tower and the san francisco Temple Nightclub, but also in Paris and in more than 100 pizzerias around the world, including London, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Sydney, Vancouver, Chicago, Boston…

“We want to change the world by using blockchain to enable community ownership of small businesses. Just as Bitcoin introduced a societal shift in the way humans collaborate, trade, and prove ownership, PizzaDAO aims to empower small businesses to grow by putting pizza places on-chain, raising funds to give away free pizzas and building strong local communities around the world”said Snax, the founder of PizzaDAO.

10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas!

the Bitcoin Pizza Day is a memorial moment within the blockchain community after Laszlo Hanyecz has paid 10,000 BTC (with a current value of $301,778,380.00 according to the Bitoin Pizza Index) in exchange for two large pizzas.

Pizza was the first commercial purchase using Bitcoin, and by pairing local independent businesses on the blockchain, the mighty “Pizzanomics” of PizzaDAO allows anyone with internet access to invest in pizzerias spread around the world, allowing them to grow.

The event is funded by PizzaDAO’s Rare Pizzas project, a collection of 10,000 pizzas in the form of randomly generated NFTs, created through a collaboration between more than 314 artists.

Last year more than $325,000 were collected to distribute free pizzas, while raising funds for the Bavubuka Foundation in Uganda, Palms Up Foundation in Los Angeles, Felices-Ahora in the Dominican Republic, Balloons Over Bullets in California, Sdmbokji in South Korea, Inuit Tapiriit Kantami in Ottawa and other non-profit organizations.

In countries like Lesotho and Nigeria, some children have had the chance to taste pizza for the very first time.

The event received endorsements from iconic celebrities, including the Hollywood actor Seth Greenthe musician Steve Aoki, John Cabrera and Cheech & Chongwhose NFT Collection donated funds to the cause.

Other high profile contributors include icons like the World Pizza Champion and Master Instructor at the International College of PizzaTony Gemignani, 13 times World Pizza Champion, who also collaborated with PizzaDAO on the event last year.

Now celebrated all over the world, May 22 is now engraved forever as the Bitcoin Pizza Day. And you, are you going to order a pizza to commemorate the event?

About PizzaDAO

PizzaDAO is a community built around the idea that pizza should be free and accessible to everyone.
PizzaDAO’s mission is to support local pizzerias by creating web3 technology tools that bring capital, awareness and inclusion to local independent business owners by allowing them to be seen and grow.

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