Julie Gayet and François Hollande: Photo of lovers on top after their wedding

Behind this manifest happiness of the newlyweds, however, hides a complicated political situation for François Hollande. “In the first constituency of Tulle, that of François Hollande, it was the rebellious candidate Sandrine Deveaud who came out on top, far ahead of Annick Taysse (fifth at 9.96%) that the former president had come to support.“, can we read in The Express.

Carole Delga, François Hollande and the others should however support the candidates of the Nupes in the second round: “The socialists, possibly the ecologists but perhaps not the rebels… We are not going to ask too much of them either!“, specifies a socialist framework to The Express, not without irony. A difficult decision when we know that as soon as the NUPES agreement was announced, François Hollande had distanced himself from the PS by denouncing this union. He then placed a dissident candidate from his close circle, since he finally gave up running for the legislative elections himself.

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